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Together, we elected a minority government that needs to cooperate to get things done. And after an incredibly divisive campaign, climate unites us.  It’s a huge opportunity — and we are one step closer to a made-in-Canada Green New Deal.

We need to ramp up the political pressure — be loud, visible and organized — so that this government actually puts our priorities at the top of their agenda.

So here’s our plan 
to make sure our government sides with the climate majority:
  • Flood all MPs with calls, emails and tweets so they hear from their constituents that climate is a top priority.
  • Launch a public campaign calling for investments in Alberta and Saskatchewan to ensure the transition to renewable energy leaves no one behind, by focusing on good, clean jobs for those at the frontlines of the climate emergency.
  • Bombard Liberal party meetings with geotargeted ads so when they meet to discuss their priorities and decide which parties to work with, climate is front of mind.
  • Work with allies to show the overwhelming support for cross-party cooperation on climate with stunts, ads and attention in the media.
  • Launch a massive organizing push to put pressure on target MPs across the country, where a bit of extra pressure will turn them into climate advocates.
This could be the difference between a government that prioritizes a safe and sustainable climate for everyone -- or one that holds us back.

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