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The dust has settled on this month’s historic election in Alberta and the Leadnow community is looking forward to key policy shifts from the Alberta government under Premier Rachel Notley’s leadership.

Albertans elected an NDP government that has made policy promises that align with many of the Leadnow community priorities: creating a strong democracy, building a fair economy and ensuring a clean environment for all generations.

But the entitled defenders of the status quo are already mounting a fierce backlash against Notley’s new government, doing everything they can to stop the progress that Alberta needs now. [1] [2]

Let’s fight back with a positive message that shows the Premier the people across the province want real change. Please join us and write a quick, personal, message to Premier Notley, to expressing your hopes for Alberta..

Not sure what to say?

  • Introduce yourself at the start of the message. If you voted for an NDP candidate in the recent election, include that in your message – our elected representatives tend to pay extra attention if they know a message is coming from someone who supported their campaign.
  • Mention some of your hopes for the new Alberta government. Need some ideas? We’ve highlighted a few below.
  • Make it personal  – tell them what these changes could mean for you, your family and your community

Don’t forget to share your message on social media when you’re done. The old regime, and their friends in corporate boardrooms, have been making a lot of noise in the media these past three weeks. It’s time to show them that people across Alberta are determined to see real changes. .

Some key promises for a stronger democracy:

  • Banning corporate and union donations
  • Strengthening rules around conflict of interest for MLAs and government employees
  • Extending the so-called “sunshine list” to include our provinces agencies, boards and commissions

Some key promises for a fairer economy:

  • Introducing progressive taxation for residents
  • Raising taxes on large corporations
  • Incrementally raising the minimum wage to $15 / hr

Some key promises for a clean environment:

  • Phasing out coal-fired power plants
  • Investing in public transit
  • Strengthening environmental standards, inspection, monitoring and enforcement

You can look up more proposals from the NDP platform here: http://www.albertandp.ca/platform


[1] Alberta’s oil patch now in uncharted waters with NDP premier http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/energy-and-resources/alberta-election-oil-patch/article24272879/

[2] Rachel Notley will have to watch out for a very Albertan coup http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/politics/rachel-notley-will-have-to-watch-out-for-a-very-alberta-coup/article24305554/

Sorry this campaign has ended

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