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Coastal Gaslink is installing the drill that will burrow underneath the Wedzin Kwa — the river that has sustained the Wet’suwet’en since time immemorial.

The Wedzin Kwa is one of the few truly pristine waterways remaining in Canada — and for years, Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs and their allies have fought back against any development that would threaten it.

Coastal Gaslink (CGL) is prepared to do irreparable damage to the Wedzin Kwa — to build a 670-kilometer fracked gas pipeline through Indigenous territory without consent. And they’re doing it with the help of a 24/7 police force that has been terrorizing and arresting anyone who tries to stop them.

It's unforgivable — and our voices are needed right now, more than ever.

With the BC NDP leadership race underway and candidates desperate to win over their progressive base, the BC NDP government will be even more sensitive now to criticisms about their commitments to the environment and Indigenous rights.

If we flood BC NDP MLAs today with emails calling on them to #KillTheDrill, we may be able to force key players in the party to take a stance on the pipeline. A flood of emails from concerned people across the country is guaranteed to get noticed.

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