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Between driving up mortgage rates and funding destructive pipelines, it’s clear that RBC is a bad corporate actor.1,2 Yet Canada’s biggest bank is still trying to amass more wealth and power by acquiring HSBC Canada.3

Canada already has a big problem with corporate concentration. Too few companies control too much of our economy.4 RBC’s attempted takeover of HSBC would concentrate more power in their hands, and could drive up the already devastatingly high cost of home mortgages and rents for millions of people.5 We can’t afford this takeover.

The acquisition can only go through with the government’s approval. Despite public opposition, the federal government’s competition watchdog has greenlit the deal – so now it’s up to Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to stop the takeover.6

With affordability becoming a major election issue, stopping corporate powers from worsening the cost of living crisis should be a priority for Freeland. If she hears from thousands of us that this takeover is not in the public’s interest, she’ll have all the more reason to block it. Will you sign the petition calling on Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to stop the RBC takeover?

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland

RBC acquiring HSBC Canada will make life less affordable for everyone. You must say no to a higher cost of living, consolidating corporate power, and more climate chaos. We are calling on you to act in the public’s interest and reject the proposed acquisition.

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